Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Books. Books! More Books!

I've decided to really go for new books. They did very well this summer, and I'm getting lots of folks in the door who are bookish.

I started to reorder most of the books I'd sold over the summer, and began to realize that almost all of them fell under the rubric of "cult" books -- not in the evil, fundamentalist "cult" sense, but in the old 'pop culture favorite' sense. The books that most readers end up reading, that are passed from friend to friend, that have become so much a part of our culture that they are constantly referred to in the media and conversation. Books like On The Road, or The Alchemist, or The Prophet.

Meanwhile, the "best sellers" I brought in because everyone said I should, like "The Shack" or "Breaking Dawn" are just sitting there...4 copies of a Stephanie Meyer book that everyone bought at Costgo.

After I was done reordering, I thought why not keep going that direction -- why not keep bringing in the classics, the perennials, the favorites...?

I plugged "Cool Cult Books" into Google, and up popped an article in The about the biggest 50 cult books.

Funny thing is -- I'd read almost all of them. And I'd also read almost all the books brought up in the comments.

And here I thought I was such an independent thinker. But I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull just like everyone else....

Anyway, plenty of food for thought, and plenty of great books still to bring in. Hopefully, by Christmas I'll have a great, great selection.

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