Sunday, October 5, 2008

Comic Reviews.

Comic Book reading weekend. I'm staying away from that gooey, strawey mess (October Fest) downtown -- They set up a straw bale maze in front of my store. I'll be vacuuming up straw for months out the nooks and crannies...

I'd planned to read dozens of titles, but my son Todd showed up on the doorstep yesterday afternoon. I'm trying to convince him and Linda to go see APPALOOSA this afternoon. I never miss a Western, since there are so few of them.

To get some use out of these reviews, I decided to read number ones, maybe I can get a few of you started on a new series.

SOLOMON KANE. Another Robert E. Howard creation, a traveling 'Puritan' if you can imagine, who will rebuke you for swearing and then slice up evil bad guys without nary a word.
Good competent sword and sorcery, like many of Dark Horses' offering.

GREATEST HITS. Imagine superheroes as popular as the Beatles. Flashes from the glory days of "The Mates" to their cynical old age. I just really like the Vertigo take on the world, and this is fun.

FLASH GORDON: Competent (damning with faint praise?) and very slick comic. Sets up the storyline O.K. The art looks like J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girls) art on steroids.

BACK TO BROOKLYN: This is my kind of thing. Hardcore gangster story, by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti. Like it a lot, if only it wasn't a mere 20 pages long.

SAMURAI: Another Soleil (French imprint) comic from Marvel. Amazing how well these sell. Slap any other logo but Marvel on them, and they wouldn't sell at all.
So far, every one of these titles have been really good. This is a straight out ...well....Samurai story.

Finally, I decided to jump ahead on my Wolverine reading, and start the new storyline.

WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN: Holy cow, this was great! Wolverine in a Road Warrior future. Old man Logan has sworn off violence, but the world is dominated by bad guys, so I think we can see where that's going. He is hired by a blind Hawkeye to drive across the wastelands to deliver a mysterious shipment. This is very cool, fun stuff.
I'm going to try my best to get reprints in of the first 3 issues and push this for all it's worth.

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