Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eat Lead, KId Buyer!

Recently, I had a visit from the manager of Leapin' Lizards (Sorry, I didn't ask the requisite 3 times for her name so that it would penetrate my thick skull.)

She asked, "What are you doing about the new lead law?"

I was surprised. It never occurred to me that it applied to my store. Most of the toys I sell are designed and sold to adults; most are big name brand name manufacturers.

Frankly, I think the fear of this law is totally out of bounds.

I doubt it's going to be enforced the way it appears every 'kids' store thinks it's going to be enforced.

But you know what? I would have no trouble just not selling to anyone 12 years old or younger. They are such a small part of my business.

To end on a more positive note: I appreciate Leapin' Lizards sending customers my way, and I will return the favor.

Speaking of referrals; I also finally met Hayley of Between the Covers bookstore. She'd been sending people my way, often because I had a copy of one of the Twilight books still in stock. Which was greatly appreciated.

When my sister needed 17 copies of the same book, which my distributor Baker and Taylor had none, I sent her to Between the Covers because I figured they had an account with Ingrams, the biggest distributor. I'm not picking favorites; I also always try to mention Camilla Bookstore, too.

But cooperation is oh, so much more pleasant than ruthless competition.

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