Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Comic Reviews 2/16/10

Went on one of my comic binges yesterday. I prefer this, reading them in clumps.

Anyway, almost all of them were crime or horror comics, and they blended seamlessly with my finishing of Rain Gods, by James Lee Burke.

Did read Siege #1, which unlike the other big crossover series, Blackest Night, I actually finished. Not all that bad. I like fantasy elements, and Asgard has that feel. Kind of liked it, actually.

Rasl #5 and 6.. Main character is jumping between worlds and suffering blackouts and I'm as clueless as he is to what's going on. Still, Jeff Smith (Bone) can draw and he can write, so I'll hang in there with him.

Going in a similar direction with Unwritten, by included real life-fictional (I know, oxymoron), elements like Frankenstein.

Unwritten #4-10. Really good. A 'Harry Potter' ("only bigger") writer disappears, and his son who is named after the main character, starts having weird things happen. A shadowy group is influencing the direction of "fiction", ensnaring the likes of Kipling, (but Twain resists.)

This series may be the one that Fables and Y-the Last Man people can move on to.

Sweet Tooth #5 and 6. Gus's trust in the old man is betrayed. But the old man is obviously having second thoughts.

North 40 #3-6. Lovecraft in a small midwestern town.

Dominic Fortune #2-4. Femme fatales and soldiers of fortune and Nazi's and movie stars. I like it.

Incognito #1-6. Ed Brubaker's Icon (creator owned Marvel imprint) story. About a super-villain in a 'witness protection' program, who secretly regains his powers and starts using them for good, rather than evil.

Added bonus: An essay in the back of each comics about famous Pulp Heroes: Doc Savage, The Shadow, Fu Manchu. Good to know.

Orc Stain #1. Very Vaughn Bode like creatures. Interesting art, and the story is promising...

Joe the Barbarian #1. Really pretty much a set up story that doesn't go far. Promising, but not very meaty. I like story arcs as much as the next guy -- which is why I usually save up these kinds of stories instead of reading them one at a time.

Kick-Ass #8. Finishing up the story-line. The Hardcover is coming in this week, and I'm really going to be pushing this on people. (As long as they understand, it's very bloody.)

Planetary #27. This is so late, I've pretty much forgot where it was going. Still has the Warren Ellis touches, and the Frank Quietly art. Last issue.........

Batman and Robin #7 and 8. I think I missed a couple of intervening issues, and I almost felt like they had switched panels in the two comics and...well, I was kind of confused. Still interesting, though.

Punisher #12 and 13. Jumped the shark. Wolverine has sliced and diced Punisher and he is now Frankencastle. Dr. Morbius has patched together Frank Castle, and he goes to bat for the "monsters" who are being hunted down and exterminated. Silly, but kind of fun.

Last Days of American Crime: Deluxe comics with noir twists. Femme fatales, and tough guys down on their luck, and....sound familiar?

FVZA: Another deluxe production from Radical Comics. 'Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency.'
After being mostly eliminated, old-time Euro-vamps are invading U.S. with a Zombie scourge. Hey, I like this sort of thing....

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