Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bones of the Earth, Gridlinked.

I've known about Neal Asher for some time now, simply from recommendations and reviews. I even ordered most of his books for my store.

But I was waiting for a used copy to show up. I was almost ready to give up and turn one of my new copies into a used copy when Gridlinked appeared at Linda's store.

This is the first of Polity series, and it's very good. A far future cyberpunk novel, much like Richard Morgan's Kovic series, (Altered Carbon.)

I was feeling lucky in finding a new author to explore, when I picked up the second book pictured above. Bones of the Earth.

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. Not sure why I hadn't read it before, because Michael Swanwick had written my favorite steampunk novel, The Iron Dragon's Daughter.

This is one of those compulsively readable novels that pin you to the couch and won't let you go. Time travel, paradoxes, creationists, and dinosaurs. Really fun. It's rare to read two great novels in a row, and I'm really relishing it.

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