Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bookstore visiting.

Linda and I went on a bookstore tour, of Klamath Falls, Grants Pass, Crescent City, and Brookings, with stops at Chiloquin and Rogue River. I'll be talking about them on my BMWJAMAGEH blog.

But I got some great ideas, that I'll be trying to implement.

I take in a notebook and just start stealing ideas. With permission, of course. And we always buy at least one item in every store, sometimes several, and it gets a little expensive, especially in the new bookstores.

One of my favorite things is to just let titles or bookcovers grab me, and I write them down. There is a sea of books, but something in the look or feel or subject matter of a book just appeals to me. I let each store give me 3 or 4 titles, so that by the time I get back, I have a couple of dozen books I want to order that I think will fit my store.

One thing is for sure...there are plenty of books being published.

Interesting thing about this trip is that not one of the independent bookstores were doing the "Book Sense" program. Unlike the 90% of the stores we've visited elsewhere.

More, later.

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