Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marvel -- Soleil Comics.

I'm glad to see Marvel doing these kinds of comics again. Back in the day, they had an Epic imprint, a kind of Americanized Heavy Metal. I personally thought Epic was more readable and enjoyable.

When Marvel ran into financial difficulties in the 90's they pretty much stopped doing any 'licensed' product, including titles like Star Wars and Conan. (Dark Horse comics was the big beneficiary of that -- and they've done a great job, much better than Marvel in my opinion.)

Anyway, these are French titles under the Soleil imprint, and I really enjoyed them. Skydoll is very racy, but a fun romp. Universal War is straight ahead Science Fiction, with a cast of misfits (a Dirty Dozen, if you will) confronting a galactic menace.

What's funny about this venture is, if these same subjects had been printed in a Humanoid Press (collectors of Heavy Metal type stories) hardcover book, no one would have bought them.

I was probably a little too conservative, and sold out of most of the issues that have come out so far. Having read them, I'm going to up my orders on the other titles and reorder these.

We really, really need Marvel to expand it's offerings beyond the in-house superhero genre, because they are by far the industry leaders. They can lead the way, if they chose to.

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