Monday, July 7, 2008

Gargoyle eyes.

Because of my gargoyle eyes, (see my BMWJAMAGEH blog), I'm doing a shorty, without the extras.

Went and saw Incredible Hulk finally.

It was fun. I was one of those who didn't mind the first movie -- and I thought this rendition looked just as artificial, if not more so. Still, I enjoyed it.

Two things.

When Stan Lee drinks the juice, they missed a bet. Instead of him saying, "Oh, my." They should have had a sexy female voice calling, "Are you coming to bed, Stan?" And then, a beat, and a "OH......MY!" in appreciative tones.

And why do the crowds hang around the streets when two monsters are fighting. Huh? Why are they still going oh, and ah ten minutes into the fight? Have they no instinct for preservation, Huh? Huh? Just wondering.

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