Friday, July 4, 2008

Still working on it.

You get to watch the flailings of a technophobe. (or not.) I have an automatic, emotional rejection of new technology. Along with an intellectual realization that every bit of technology I've added to my repertoire has been a vast improvement.

But I know my own pace of acceptance, and try to accommodate it. It doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed.

This makes very little sense to people who are comfortable in this new world.

As Jon says: "Right on. One thing I've advocated to you before (I think) is blog the new comics/products you get in each week."

Well, yeah. I knew that.

But I've always thought that any new technology I install is useless unless I learn it. I could've hired someone long ago to make me a webpage, whatever. But I want to be able to use it on a daily basis, and that meant doing it myself.

I'm not above asking for help for one time things, like installing a logo to this site. (Even that I probably should learn myself.)

So it's a challenge. It's good to have challenges.

As long as they don't overwhelm you.

So I've become somewhat familiar with Blogger. I decided to make my new blog for Pegasus my de facto website. Later, I may want a real website with a shopping cart and all the trimmings, and add my blog to it. But I ain't ready for that, yet.

So here it is. Cut me some slack.

Meanwhile, I managed two new tricks. One, as you can see, is adding a picture to the blog. This is a view of the deck outside my home office. (Those are two concrete pigs I brought back from our trip to Astoria.)

Secondly, I added sitemeters to both of my active blogs. I'm especially proud of this, because in following the instructions I kept failing, but when I substituted a step, I managed to make it happen! On my own initiative!

I wouldn't have been able to do that a couple years ago. I'm picking stuff up slowly, by osmosis.

I'm hoping after a month or so of this, I'll have an actual actively functioning website, instead of journal of my technical travails.

Bear with me.


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Hey there Duncan, good job for installing site meter. Here's the thing I've learned about the online community: everyone's learning something all the time. You know more than you think. And, people do want to help each other.

By the way, I just finished the book I bought from you yesterday. Are you open today, 4th of July?


Duncan McGeary said...

Oh, I know less than you think...

Pat will be at Pegasus from 11:00 to 2:00. I haven't decided whether to stay open later than that.

Thanks for telling me about sitemeter. I'm suspicious of these things, so it helps to get a recommendation.

Jason said...

For a self-proclaimed technophobe, you're doing quite well.

Duncan McGeary said...

There was one more step to encode the actual page: not sure we could do that until we heard back with the password....

Mike Darling said...


If you are doing book reviews, try to do a different book review on a different page. And use phrases such as "review of blah blah" etc. This way the search engines will be able to find the relevant content a little easier.

Just a suggestion.

Keep up the good work!