Friday, July 25, 2008

"That Fu#%@%#ing Flowers...."

I'm cheating a bit here, reviewing before I've read the last 30 pages. But there is a reason -- I have no idea who the killer is. And that's pretty rare in a mystery these days.

This book features the character Virgil Flowers (or the running joke in all the "Prey" books, 'That fucking Flowers....")

Good move on Sandford's part. I think the Lucas Davenport character is getting tired, and the author has been mailing it in. Flowers is more interesting, maybe because he's new. But he also doesn't carry all the baggage that Davenport has, which has become a distraction. (Him being rich, and a software developer, and friends of the rich and famous and lowlifes, and a ladies man and a devoted husband, and some kind of loose cannon, and smart and dangerous and charming and generally too good to be true, and..........just what the hell is he?!)

Sandford has an easy style, and is a fast read.

Which sometimes is just what the doctor ordered.

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