Friday, July 18, 2008

Joker Bust.

I ordered this Joker bust as a companion to the half-sized Batman bust. It's the more 'classic' version of the Joker, if you will. It's not coming out for awhile. Amazingly, I sold the Batman, if at a third off due to some 'glueing' problems.

At the last minute, I ordered a smaller Heath Ledger style bust. Which I got in.

This week, I decided it wasn't ghoulish to get a 'Heath' Joker, but a tribute. Tried ordering more of them. But they're all gone.

This is one of those situations that happen where I actually have a bust in stock and I'll have dozens of people think about buying it and walk away and I don't like to manipulate people by saying "Buy it now or forever hold your peace!" even though in this case its true and then someone will finally and begrudgingly buy it and they'll never realize they got lucky and then all the people who walked away will come back and it will be gone and they'll be mad at me for not having enough and not understand that I can't order more but "I'm sure they'll satisfy demand eventually" I'll tell them and DC will rush out a replacement but by then you won't be interested anymore and I'll have to stare at Heath's Ledgers doomed face for a year or two.

And I need say nothing.

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