Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Engineering and more.

Had a customer call yesterday who just got back from the San Diego International Con.

He was all charged up and excited.

Comics can seem like a lonely activity around here. A few guys looking at any one time. It's just part of the small town and single comic shop atmosphere.

So it's always cool when someone goes to a convention and sees thousands of other people like themselves.

In this case, 250,000 people!

Too many for me.

Speaking of customers calling. Had a request for a manga called New Engineering. Looked interesting, so I ordered it. Seems very avant garde.

Other new titles this week:

Reorders of:

Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller's classic take...)
The Killing Joke (Alan Moore's classic take...)\
The Man Who Laughs.

Astonishing X-Men TP #1-4. Joss Whedon writes the most reader friendly, non-continuity laden X-Men series.

Army @ Love TP. #2; a satire of selling war as a brand. Or....maybe not a satire....

Bookhunter: Interesting indy that I haven't been able to get a reorder.

Korgi 1 and 2. Yep, about a dog.

Alex Raymond, His Life and Art. The golden age Flash Gordon artist. I'm a sucker for expensive art books.

Art of Alberto Ruiz. Pin-up art.

Buffy Omnibus's 1 and 2. There are 4 of these Buffy books, collecting all the previous stories.
(Also got a reorder of Buffy, Season Eight; Joss Whedon's continuation, with "unlimited special effects budget...")

Forgotten Realms Vol. 7. Salvatore's popular series, in graphic novels.

Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle. I love the idea of graphic novel adaptations of classics. Even if they don't sell all that great.

Journey. I read these adventures of Wolverine McAlistaire, by William Messner-Loeb many years ago. I enjoy stories of early Western lore -- really, pre-gunfighter type westerns. A different feel.

Hellboy and Heroes TP's restocks.

Pigeons From Hell: Lovecraftian story by Conan creator Robert E. Howard. I just love the title.

Planet Earth Monopoly Set.

Restocks of all the Star Wars Legacy Graphic Novels. These are inked by local, Dan Parsons, who is also going to be doing the Clone Wars comics from the movie. I think it may be time to ask him to come in a do a signing this September.

Robots and Donuts. Another great title.

Weird-Oh's Models. I loved these when I was a kid.

And much much more.

On Wednesday.

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