Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who watches the Watchmen?

Now that the Watchmen trailer is out, I thought I'd remind everyone that we are well stocked with this graphic novel, which no matter how good the movie proves to be, is a hell of a read and cannot possibly be contained in a single movie.

Postscript: Sold the Heath Ledger Joker bust within the first hour on Friday. But then stocked up on a really cool Joker vs. Batman statue that a customer had, and several more Black and White interpretive statues, and got another 1/2 sized Batman Head, that is a companion to the Joker Head (below) that is coming in September.

Also, I recommend the Joker's Greatest Stories, and the Killing Joke. And I personally enjoy the All-Star Batman and Robin, by Frank Miller and Jim Lee, which is controversial.

I don't know what to say. As I mentioned below, I think there are a number of themes and motif's in the movie that are well represented in the graphic novels.

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